In the beginning tells of how I came to meet my first Devon Rex in 1990. I have been involved with Devons in one way or another ever since, and the Cherek Gang keep me toeing the line - or try to. (As I type this I have a cat chivvying me to hurl a snake.) Also in the gang is a busy little Burmilla called Tinga. Kittens will only come along occasionally, and after being brought up and 'eddicated' by the Cherek gang, will graduate to suitable homes. Even if there are none, feel free to email me as I may know of others. Kittens, that is - not homes. Shadies (shaded pattern) is a pet interest of mine. Devon Rex? What sort of cat is that? is a breed profile done for the Scottish Rex Cat Club, of which I am a founder member and committee member. E's links are - er - E's well-clicked links, while Odds & sods is a page for whatever I feel like putting up - not necessarily cat-related, never mind Devon Rex-related.

My email address is at the foot of every page if you have any comments, questions, or just feel like a cat chat.

Updated 25 February 2018: Kittens
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