were some mice...

A hungry E went to her cupboard only to find an empty biscuit packet and some crumbs. "Right, mice," said she, "the time has come to get a cat. A cat with personality. I'll get a Burmese." Several weeks passed - no sign of any Burmese but a litter of Devon Rex x Burmese kittens were advertised in the local paper. "What sort of cat is a Devon Rex?", queried E. "And what does a Devon Rex x Burmese look like?"

Intrigued, E and family made a long journey out into the wintry Scottish sticks and saw a litter of four kittens - three tabbies and one black, tightly wrapped around a stove. In stalked their small, curly-coated mother - "So that is a Devon Rex!" After having it explained that if these straight-coated variant kittens were bred to a Devon Rex, part of the litter would be rexes, E wasn't leaving without one. "One? Take two," said E's mother. "They will be company for each other." And so E's fate was sealed.

Leonie and Witch left the Scottish sticks to live in the East Neuk of Fife.

Witch – Sharian Fairy Melisande
20.12.89 – 24.9.07

Took after the Burmese side of the family - stocky, self-willed, stubborn and didn't believe in allowing anything to bar her way, especially nothing as minor as glass jars or locked cat flaps.

Answered the telephone, but mostly omitted to pass the message on to E who was only alerted to the phone ringing by Witch's abrupt departure or arrival (black streak appeared, hurtled across the grass and (BANG!) into the house).

Leonie – Sharian Lady Lyonnette
20.12.89 – 3.12.07

Cussed as well although altogether quieter in nature than her sister and lover of Peace and the Great Outdoors - except when it was too hot, too cold, too wet, too windy, too dark, too white or just plain looked as though it might....

In the fullness of time Leonie paid a visit to the only Devon Rex male E was able to track down in Scotland, a red lad residing in a Falkirk flat. After the stipulated five days E returned to retrieve Leonie from the linen cupboard in the Falkirk flat and not knowing what to expect, only having ever seen two Devon Rexes, waited..........

Et voila!
Much to her secret relief, E discovered that she was indeed able to tell the difference between rexes and variants at birth and, moreover, that she was utterly fascinated by these funny little Devon Rexes.
All too quickly they grew and with the help of a Devon Rex breeder called Kate E, whom E stumbled across a mere few hundred stones' throw away, names and colours were devised for them and GCCF registration forms were filled out and sent off.
Adraysh Lord Cinyras
Chocolate spotted tabby
Devon Rex
Adraysh Karama
Tortie tabby
Devon Rex Variant
Adraysh Count Charon
Chocolate tabby darker points
Devon Rex Variant
Adraysh Mea Childanope
Tortie Devon Rex
Adraysh Thea Charis
Chocolate tortie tabby si-rex Devon Rex
Feeling skint, E regretfully decided not to keep a Devon Rex herself - this time - but the fascination continued. Duma (Lord Cinyras) moved in with E's mother and Loki (Count Charon) with E's sister. E joined the fledgling Scottish Rex Cat Group and, fired with enthusiasm, registered the prefix 'Cherek'.
Two years later, a Devon Rex finally came to live in the East Neuk with E, Witch and Leonie.
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