No kittens available at the moment, sorry

We may have another litter in late summer/early autumn.
They will be full brothers/sisters to these wee guys

Allsorts at 12 weeks

The Allsorts aged 12.5 weeks
Sire: Cherek Boogywoogy Bugleboy, Dam: Cherek Smart Cookie
More photos of the Allsorts and other Chereks can be found on my Flickr page and also on Facebook

Cherek kittens are brought up in the house (underfoot!!) They will be well socialized with East Neuk folks and any other friends and prospective slaves who want to visit and entertain them.

In accordance with the GCCF's General Code of Ethics for Breeders & Owners, kittens will not leave for new homes before 13 weeks of age. Pet kittens will be neutered before leaving me.

Cherek Devon Rex is a member of the GCCF's Breeder Scheme which has an enhanced code of ethics. Click on the logo to the right for details.

My kittens will be:

  • litter-tray trained
  • fully vaccinated against the cat flu viruses, feline infectious enteritis, feline leukaemia and chlamydia
  • insured for 4 weeks
  • wormed
  • microchipped
  • registered with the GCCF
GCCF Breeder Scheme 2014

They will leave with:

  • a five generation pedigree
  • a GCCF registration transfer certificate
  • a kitten pack, which includes samples of their usual food
  • an insurance cover note
  • a vaccination certificate

I will always be available to help if necessary, or even just to chat. I like to know how the kittens are doing - no matter how many years down the line!

If you are getting a kitten from me and would like to know how to keep your new little one in the manner to which he/she is accustomed, I have put together a 'little' list. Email me if you would like a copy.

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