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Rexcatz UK-based site with international coverage. Information on rex breeds, breeder profiles, stud and kitten available listings, GCCF show diary, rex show results and photos. You'll find an excellent article on blood type incompatibility here.
Planet Devon N. American-based site with international coverage. Devon Rex pedigree database, photographs, breeder profiles including kittens available. Links to various clubs and organisations, and contact details for welfare/rehome officers. Some of this information is now out of date.
FAB Feline Advisory Bureau. Charity funding feline medicine, boarding cattery training, a conference programme on feline health and welfare, and various other feline projects. Highly-recommended information sheets available on various aspects of feline health, behaviour and care for both pet owners and breeders, also a list of FAB-registered catteries and cat rescue information.

GCCF The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy. GCCF regulations, listings of all cat shows being held in the UK, GCCF-affiliated clubs, GCCF publications etc. If you want to know where and when the next show in your area is being held, look on here.
Scottish Rex Cat Club SRCC information and news, breeders, studs, kittens available, Rexbytes, breed profiles, and more.
Rex Cat Association Breeder and kitten listings, breed information including breeding policies.
Cloudborn Kate Ekanger - Devon Rex & LaPerm breeder in Fife. Planet Devon breed profile. Home of Sexyrexy Grateballs Ofire (Shadies) and the late Ch. Mugwai Tamdhu Macloud (Whuppity's sire).
Pawpeds Devon Rex pedigree database.
Nemorez Olive Holt & Ian Higgins, Tinga's breeders in Yorkshire (also Burmese).
Insewerance InsureYourPet. A good and unbiased guide to the minefield of pet insurance - what's available, what's covered, what's not under the various insurance schemes. Links to pet insurance companies.
Catterella My cat sitting business! I will visit your home to care for your cats and other small animals. St Andrews and East Neuk.
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