Come play with me
Mymble is a classic tabby and white bred by the Sangeorge folks in Yorkshire: John and Wendy Soper. (Sire: Shebaba Georgieboy, Dam: Ch. Sangeorge Bijou Detoile.) Her favourite toy is a bunch of feathers tied to a wand - no matter how chewed up - which she drags along when she wants a game. Mymble is a chatty little character and talks in melodious chirps and trills.

Photo by John Soper
A practised cobwebbist, Mymble keeps the corners of windows clear of cobwebs; the kitchen spiders are kept busy too. On one occasion when she had slipped out of the house unbeknownst to E, she was spotted a little later carefully cleaning the windows of the neighbouring cottage.

Watch the bug!

Sadly, Mymble was unable to have kittens of her own and is now neutered. Very self-possessed and caring, she quickly takes youngsters under her paw when they arrive. Mymble is the boss, doesn't stand any nonsense and even E doesn't always escape the Paw.
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