In memory of

Sire: Emer Sabata (burmese) – Dam: Adreesh Miss Tiggywink (devon rex)


Sharian Fairy Melisande

20th December 1989 – 24th September 2007

She would have been about 2 years old in this photograph. I was in the middle of cleaning and resetting the fire in order to relight it when I was interrupted by a phone call. When I came back it was to find that Witch had got fed up waiting and was sitting on the cinders warming herself.

Sharian Lady Lyonnette

20th December 1989 – 3rd December 2007

In her glory days – aged 4 or thereabouts – perched on top of the flat boiler house roof in the gathering dusk so the flash has lit her up to perfection. The roof was probably one of Leonie's favourite places – very definitely liked to be She Who Sees All.

About a week before Witch died. Speaking of favourite spots, she just loved garden chairs - preferably in the sun. Woe betide you if you left your chair unattended – Witch would decide it had to be better than hers and bag it!

A more senior looking lady here at 13 years old.

Letting her hair down!

It is the end of an era, as Witch and Leonie were the two that started it all for me, and you will see that story (and more photos of them as kittens) in In the beginning

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