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Introducing Rowan! A red smoke youngster bred by Bella Challis, Grizabella Devon Rex in Suffolk, her sire is Gr. Ch. Southern Tickleme Elmo and her dam is Jonscott Grizabella. A bit of an Elephant's Child, she is, with a 'satiable curtiosity' about everything.

16 weeks

What's she DOING?!!
(at first show - aged 5 months)
Photo by Audrey Shepherd

She has a particularly sunny nature - the only time she complains is when she is being washed, which happens pretty frequently by virtue of her colour and curtiosity. Hence her alternative name of 'Little Red Grub'.

Rowan tells the world where she is and what she is up to, whether the world wants to know or not. The mandatory sound effects include loud thrilling yells as she charges around the house, short 'Rrreeeps' when jumping at something and a soprano 'Waap?' when she is enquiring.

Seven months

14 months

And yes - she does retrieve too - but her tastes are simple - paper balls, narrow strips of cardboard and bits of hay filched from the chinchilla. She'll fiddle around with them on her own for ages before deciding that I should join in. (Ever tried throwing a wisp of hay?) Her latest find is a hard super-bouncy ball which scatters the others but totally fascinates Rowan. She follows the ball, yelling 'Rrreeep' every time it bounces and trying to kill it in mid-air. The ball is strictly rationed as I fear for my glass doors.

Rowan is now retired but has various sons, daughters and grandkits out in the world, all taking after her in good looks and chatty character. Living here with us are her red smoke daughter, Cherek Shiftin' Bobbins (Cherry) and blue tortie & white BCR granddaughter, Cherek Itsa Fair Cop (Puzzle).
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