Enjoying the summer (aged seven months)
'Devonish' is an apt description for Safi. A lilac smoke and white, full of personality and bounce, she does her utmost to ensure that life is never boring, especially not for herself. Bred by John and Wendy Soper of Sangeorge, Safi's parents are Shebaba Georgieboy and Ch. Shebaba Chloe.

Safi and her mother - Ch. Shebaba Chloe
Safi growing up
Three photographs taken by John Soper

The Devon Eye

That snake is Safi's favourite toy - she loves having it thrown for her to bring back. If I am working - it is pat pat pat on my leg - look down and there is Safi and Snaky. Ignore her and the polite pats first turn into insistent tugging, followed, most painfully, by a cat swinging from my knee.

If I go downstairs, Safi and Snaky tumble down the stairs ahead of me. If I then come back upstairs - you've guessed it - Safi and Snaky follow along. That snake has been spotted halfway across the garden and has threatened to join me in the bath.

I have to put Snaky away at night or I risk being awakened by a snake draped across my face and Safi trampolining up and down for good measure.

Safi had an excellent kitten show career. Shown five times, she was awarded Open First and BOB in four shows, and Open First and nominated for Best in Show Kitten in the Scottish Rex Cat Club show. She finished off being awarded the SRCC Kitten Points Trophy for 2001-02.

She doesn't have the ear set needed to make it on the show bench as an adult but is beautiful nonetheless, and has a lovely old pedigree.

Note what is in the bottom left hand corner.......

Safi is retired but was a great mother and there are a few Safi kits now running their own households. One of her daughters from her first litter, Whuppity, has stayed with us. Safi enjoys baby sitting for Whuppity.

Safi and Whuppity

Snakes alive
One morning a very interesting, nobbly parcel arrived. When opened, what should ssssspill out but......

Safi thought all her Christmases had come at once and sat over them totally mesmerised. E informed her that she couldn't keep them all as they mostly had homes to go to - but she could have first pick - just one.

Could Safi decide? No!!


Whuppity picked for her.
(Daughters can have their uses!)

We'll have this one
Mymble - Safi - Whuppity - Tinga - Rowan
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