Meet our non-curly Ting! Tinga is an Asian, or to be more specific - a chocolate shaded Burmilla, burmese colour restriction. This pretty little miss is another Yorkshire lass and was bred by Olive Holt & Ian Higgins (Nemorez Asians & Burmese). Her sire is UK Gr. Ch. Nemorez Magic Dragon and dam is Gr. Ch. Nemorez Threetimes Alady.

The Young Ting

14 weeks

Surreal Ting (4 months)

Tinga aka 'The Ting Thing' is very Busy, Bouncy, Outgoing and Affectionate - a BIG character who makes her presence felt (and heard). When she is particularly happy she bushes out the base of her tail in a 'happy tail'. She reminds me of a rubber ball. Or a feline version of a yellow labrador - the difference being that this 'labrador' is far more agile and can climb!

Very different to the Devons in that she is sleek-coated, small, compact, muscly and heavy. One-handed lifts often end in failure as she just slips through my fingers (the rexes stick!) - though she bounds straight back again, standing on her hind legs with front legs held high for another pick-up attempt or just takes matters into her own paws by leaping up and hanging on.

When she is in the mood for devilment, the Rex gang have to put up with all sorts of fur-faced cheek. Whacking her doesn't make much impression - she just comes back for more!
The Ting is a keen retriever but is not really into snakes. She is a soft toy enthusiast and is particularly fond of a white dog and a green elephant, both of which get carted around and end up in the strangest of places. Try four cats and an elephant all in a row, toasting themselves in front of the coal fire. I often find one of her pets stuffed under my pillow or under my duvet in the morning. She also insisted on putting any soft toys she could find in with her two infant kittens.

Blue balletics

Baby-sitting Sprite
The few times Tinga has been shown, she has been very successful. She won 1st & BOB both times she was shown as a kitten and followed that up by becoming a Champion in three consecutive shows.

Toy Tings
Tinga was to be the foundation of a new line of shaded Devon Rex (Shadies) but Mr S*d of S*d's Law stepped in and the reluctant decision was made to retire her. However, she does have two very beautiful sons who can be also be seen on the Shadies page.

With Cherek Fine-n-dandy (Kyle)

With Cherek Tickety-boo (Lewis)
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