Safi's daughter, Whuppity, takes more after dad - the late Ch. Mugwai Tamdhu Macloud (see Devon Rex?) - and is a chocolate mackerel tabby. A Whuppity Stourie is a type of Scottish Brownie (house fairy) - the name literally means whipping up the stour (dust) which seemed very appropriate for an energetic little brown Devon, particularly one with a brush for a tail!

The Terrible Twins aged 4 weeks.
Whuppity (on the right) with Littlechick Cloud.

As a little 'un

1 day

10 weeks

6 weeks

4 months
Trying to get her attention by snapping or wiggling fingers at her results in a fine display of chittering. One finger = one chitter. Three fingers = short burst of chittering. All fingers - well, you get the idea. It can be a little difficult to get photos of her looking at the camera with her mouth shut....

G*d - she's off again!

Say 'Cheese'

After a long period of showing no interest in herpetology at all, Whuppity suddenly decided she would take up the family tradition and is now an enthusiastic snake retriever. If Safi wants a game with her snake, it is a case of SSS when Whuppity isn't around, or be barged aside. (Safi Silently Sneaks Snake up and pats my knee.)

Above - summer frock.
Below - winter coat. (No - I haven't got the photos the wrong way round!)

Whuppity won't be shown very much, if at all, as her coat is now too long, but she did well in the two shows she was in as a baby kitten. Her GCCF Open report from judge Mrs Denny for the Scottish Rex Cat Club 14 wks - 6 months female kitten class (placed 1st) reads: "Of lovely type, well balanced overall. Wedged head, large tufted ears wide at base & low set, wide across cheekbones, eyes expressive, nose has stop, shows whisker break, chin firm. Hard in body, well coated & rexed, slender limbs, tail tapered".

She did make a rare appearance at the SRCC Rexfest 2005, wearing her summer frills - to see her Open judge's comments, click here!

She has had one litter so far - three handsome silver tabby boys sired by Sexyrexy Grateballs Ofire: Elf Fanklefrost, Icebearg Macool and Sprite Sillertoorie. We are hoping for a second litter - perhaps with a girl or two in it this time!

Whuppity's lads (4 weeks)

Cherek Sprite Sillertoorie (8 weeks)
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